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of Cassidy Park

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I am sure you have already heard of the devastation our museums suffered from the flood in March.  Words cannot express the deep sorrow we feel at our loss.  The Native American Museum suffered the worst damage with 4 ft. 3 in. of water inside.  The front bottom Plexiglas sections were washed in and one of the portable walls fell against the emergency door and pushed it open.  Water rushed in knocking over exhibits, opening stone point drawers and washing artifacts out of both the front openings and the back door.  Some of the stone points were washed out of the long drawers and about an inch of sand and mud was left in each of the drawers.  Some of the floor boards were vertical when we entered and inches of sand and mud covered the entire floor.  Some of the paper artifacts stored in plastic containers were filled with water making it impossible to save most of these artifacts.  The Pioneer Museum suffered damage as well, sustaining about 3 ft. of water which damaged those items on the lower shelves.



We have worked tirelessly to save everything possible, but much was lost.  We have not yet found our Out House that was next to the Pioneer Museum nor the drum, papoose, moccasins, Choctaw bowl, bone necklace and other items that were simply washed away.

All of our office equipment was lost -  computers, copier, projector, plotter, sound system, and supplies.  Two weeks before the flood, we completed our project of installing a handicap ramp and emergency exit in order to be compliant with the American Disability Act.  This came at a cost of $10,000.


Fortunately we were able to save all of our old photo collection.  They had been under water for two days but have been restored.  We are continuing to enlarge our collection of photos.

We are now operating in a temporary location at 750 Ave. F.  We are still cleaning, repairing, doing an inventory and writing  grants to raise funds to restore our museum.  The library is our home away from home where we have conducted a stimulating lecture on the study conducted on historic sites in Bogalusa.  We had a showing of our City Hall Photo Collection showing photos dating back to the very beginning of our City.  Tent city, company houses, mill construction, early businesses, etc. were featured.  Our tower display case has been repaired.  Shortly we will move it to the library and install a Camp Fire exhibit. 







Contact Information:

Physical address:  750 Ave. F

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 1373 Bogalusa, LA 70429

Phone:  985-241-5498


The Museum is run totally by volunteers.  We have work days of Tues. and Thurs. from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm with a break for lunch.


Presently, we are still in recovery mode.  What are we doing?

·        Cleaning artifacts from the flood damage

·        Searching the Park area to recover artifacts washed away in the flood

·        Inventory

·        Writing grants

·        Purchasing office equipment to replace what was lost in the flood

·        Working with FEMA to locate a permanent museum location

·        Updating membership records and preparing a mail out

·        Preserving, identifying and cataloging old photos

·        Preparing a Camp Fire exhibit to be placed at the Library

·        Updating web site

·        Planning for Oct. 29th Cook-Off fund raiser



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